Why am I not seeing my PPC ads?

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Why am I not seeing my PPC ads?

If you’re not searching the internet for the keywords you used in your PPC ads, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see them pop up in the search results. Otherwise, there could be several reasons: your PPC budget has run out, the ads or the landing page haven’t been approved, you have a low ad rank, low impressions share, search results ad fatigue, or you might be searching outside the geographical reach of your ads.

There could be many reasons including:

1. Using the wrong search engine

If you are using Google AdWords, your ads will only be shown on the search engine results page of Google.com and Google’s search partners. The same rules apply to Bing Ads; your ads will only be shown on the Bing SERP.

2. Payment declined

This reason is fairly uncommon, however credit cards that are on file for your account could be declined for a number of reasons. If the payment gets declined, any ads will not be shown.

3. Ads or site is disapproved

If any of your ads don’t adhere to the guidelines set by the search engine the ads will not be allowed to be shown. This is to ensure quality and appropriate ads are shown.

4. Used campaign budget

If when the campaign is set up, you set a daily maximum budget and it is reached, the ad will be paused until the following day when the budget resets. This can be avoided by choosing different options, but if you have a limited budget, your ads will not show for every eligible performed search.

5. Ad schedule limiting impressions

There are certain hours where companies will see conversions lifted and might decide to schedule their ads during this time. This maximizes budget and impressions. If you are searching for your ad during non-scheduled hours, then you will not see the ad.

6. Outside geographic target area

If you have targeted your ad to a specific geographic area, then only customers is that area will be able to see the ads. If you, or customers, outside of this geographic targeted area are searching, the ad will not be displayed.

7. Low ad rank

Google has developed the Ad Rank calculated metric that takes into account your maximum cost-per-click and Quality Score. Low ad rank will decrease your ad’s average position within the SERP. There is the possibility that the ad rank may be below the first page, which will reduce your ad visibility.

8. Low impression share

Impression share is a percentage of the number of impressions an ad receives compared to the number of impressions the ad was eligible to earn. A higher impression share is optimal, but most keywords do not have a 100% impression share, so there are times your ad will not show for a keyword even though it was eligible.

9. Ad fatigue

If you are continuously searching for ads and don’t click on them, the search engine may think your ad is not relevant or useful to users searching those keywords. If this happens, your impression share can drop.

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