How do I decide which SEO tools I will get most value from?

By February 24, 2020SEO
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How do I decide which SEO tools I will get the most value from?

You’ll need to spend the right amount of time and effort taking a good, hard look at the tools you’re considering using to analyse whether the return on investment you can make from using them is worth your while. You might want to compare and contrast a shortlist of potential tools or ask an SEO expert to recommend the best, most relevant ones.

SEO tools can help ease the process of optimising your website for search engines. Anyone can use these tools, but you will have the largest impact with how much you utilise them. Creating exceptional content, rewriting the previous copy, redesigning the web pages takes a great deal of work but can make your website highly SEO optimised. It can be difficult to know exactly what tool will work, and many have a free trial where you can determine if it fits your needs and works for you. Don’t be afraid to try different ones as they each bring something valuable to the table!

It’s all about determining which tools provide the most effective combination of keyword-driven SEO investigation capabilities, and keyword organisation, analysis, recommendations, and other useful features to take action on the SEO insights you uncover. If a tool is telling you what optimisations need to be made to your website, does it then provide technology to help you make those improvements?

Below are a list of possible SEO tools you can explore:

Ahrefs: Site Audit

This is one of the most recommended SEO tools as it is the second largest website crawler and has an excellent SEO analysis tool. The Site Audit feature by Ahref helps you highlight the parts of your website that requires improvements and updates. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to achieving better search engine rankings. To get started is very easy, you simply have to enter the URL you want to test, and enter the keywords you want to search. Ahrefs provides solutions for keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO auditing, rank tracking, content research, and more!

Google Search Console

Google is top of mind for most marketers will their suite of analysis programs including Google Analytics. Google Search Console helps you to measure your website’s performance search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make sure it ranks highly in Google Search results. It puts you in control of which pages get indexed, and how your website is represented. If you want to check which keywords you currently rank, simply go to ‘Search Traffic’ and then ‘Search Analytics’ – it’s that easy! Google Search Console also provides a mobility usability report that highlights URLs that have issues for mobile users which is key with how consumers are using mobiles!

Screaming Frog: SEO Spider

Behind the interesting name, is an incredibly powerful SEO tool that comes highly recommended. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider allows you to crawl any URL and provides a great deal of insights. In a few clicks you can see which pages are returning 404 errors, analyse page titles and meta data, get a complete word count, discover duplicate data, and get analytics data all in one place. They offer a free and paid version, but the free version offers many of the key features you will need to optimise your website.


This is a good solution for small to midsized business users. SEMrush offers you an easy way to assess your rankings and changes to them. One of the most popular features is the Domain vs. Domain analysis which allows you to compare your website to your competitors. SEMrush also provides you with comprehensive keyword research tools, backlink tracking, keyword suggestions, and proactive SEO recommendations. Using all of this information you will be able to see where to focus your SEO efforts to optimise, making it a solid SEO tool choice.

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