Shakespeare Birthplace Trust:

Expanding their Google Grants account to Pro Status.

months it took to achieve Google Grants Pro Status
Improvements in average position
Improved Average Spend

The brief

When we spoke to Shakespeare Birthplace Trust it was clear that there was only a single objective for the project. That was to grow their current Google Grant status to the Pro account.

The challenge

When taking over the account, we noticed there was no conversion tracking, poor messaging and CTAs. This led to poor funnel completion compared to other channels.

Beyond the above, there was no location targeting, bidding schedule, keyword strategy focused on user groups, all leading to a low quality score.

Further analysis of the account we quickly identified that SBT was hitting only one of the seven criteria that is set to be eligable for Google Grants Pro. This meant that we had to make some significant changes to the account inorder to achieve our objective.

The results

After a significant restructure of the exisiting account, adding in better controls of budget, location and audience targeting, scheduling of ads and keyword targeting we very quickly hit the criteria needed to be approved for the Google Grants Pro account.

Alongside this, we saw improved conversion around each of the 5 different audience types that were identified during the discovery phase. All of our changes resulted in improved CPC and average advertising position.

When talking to the client we understood their goal instantly and set about identifying ways to progress them onto Google Grants Pro. Through a team effort and a complete restructure we managed to get them to the point they needed to be within 3 months of taking on the project.

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