Organic Refurb:

How we recovered and then surpassed previous organic performance to drive business forward.

Reduction in lost organic traffic within 6 months
of all business generated via the website
Increase in first page rankings for targeted terms

Common Ground have taken the time to understand us as a client & our industry which I think is essential for any campaign. Their pro- active approach and forward thinking has been essential to the success of our campaign in an ever changing online environment.

We have developed a strong relationship with the team over the past year, their helpful and organised nature have proven to be invaluable to the business.

Marketing Manager - Saracen Interiors

The brief

Saracen Interiors originally briefed us to take on a new build website that had been built and migrated by their previous agency. Since the launch of the website there had been significant performance drops which we were tasked with resolving.

Further to resolving the issues from the migration, we were targeted on gaining visibility for specific phrases within the London and Manchester area, generating leads for the sales team to nurture.

The challenge

Apart from the website build and migration, the industry as a whole was going through a downturn due to the UK economy and uncertaintity of Brexit.

We needed to work closely with the team at Saracen Interiors to ensure that all business needs were met during this challenging time.

The results

After resolving as many of the technical issues as possible, reinstating vast amounts of removed content alongside new campaign focused content, we saw significant improvements across a number of organic metrics.

This led to reduction of the lost traffic seen through the migration by 50% within 6 months. Beyond this, as the campaign progressed we increased first page rankings for target terms by 119% year on year.

Most importantly, we increased the number of leads to the website via organic search which led to 50% of all business being generated through digital.

Working with Jordan at Saracen Interiors has been great. We have managed to resolve some legacy issues with the new website which has resulted in regaining 50% of the traffic that was lost during the migration which was down to the meticulous work of our team. We are seeing continuous growth which is leading to increased revenue being attributed to our work.

Daniel Bianchini - Common Ground
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