Recovering Sunk Traffic:

How we helped Princess Motor Yacht Sales reclaim and grow organic traffic after a 30% loss.

Increase in year-on-year organic traffic
Increase in rankings between position 1-3
Increase in targeted terms ranking on page 1

When you’ve invested so much into a project and you see traffic drop so significantly, it has a major impact on morale.

Common Ground understood the significance of this loss for our business and put together a solid strategy which we could really get behind in order to get our website’s performance back on track. They always kept us in the loop and, in less time than we expected, they not only got us back up to where we were, but we’re now generating more organic traffic than we’ve ever had — and results only keep going up.

Marketing Manager - Princess Motor Yachts

The brief

Princess Motor Yacht Sales came to us for help recovering from a 30% decrease in Organic Traffic and lost brand visibility following their migration to a new website.

A year later, we’d recovered organic traffic, and we shifted our focus to increasing Organic Traffic by 15% (year-on-year) and increasing Princess Motor Yacht Sales’ rankings for priority terms.

The challenge

When we first started working with Princess Motor Yacht Sales we were facing a website which had lost a third of its traffic after switching to a new website. Worse still, the homepage kept dropping out of the SERPs entirely.

We also found that Princess Motor Yacht Sales’ domain competed with the domain held by the manufacturer.

The results

Within the first year of the project, we’d reduced the 30% loss of traffic to 8% (year-on-year) and had also increased organic visibility by 41%.

In year two, we exceeded our target of 15% organic growth, boosting Princess Motor Yacht Sales’ organic traffic by 18.1% of where it stood before the drop.

We also continued to improve brand visibility, with a 25% increase in queries where Princess Motor Yacht Sales ranked in the top 3 positions, and a 20% increase in queries where they ranked in the top page of the SERPs.

When you work with an agency, you want to find one that doesn’t spin results and reports in a way that only serves to make them look good, but one who tells it like it is and understands what’s significant to your business.

Common Ground just get it. They’re straight up, don’t beat around the bush, and we’ve always felt that they genuinely have our best interests at heart. The results only go to prove that.

Marketing Manager - Princess Motor Yachts
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